The Nutravit Diet Drops aim to change the body’s metabolism so fat may be used as fuel instead of the usual fuel source—glucose. It is an FDA-approved weight-loss tool centered on hormone-free activation and regulation of the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus is responsible for hunger control while accelerating your body’s metabolic rate, transforming body fats into an energy source, and making you feel satiated for a long time. All these promote rapid weight loss!

The Nutravit diet drops work in tandem with other diets for even faster weight loss, including Keto, Atkins, Intermittent, Mediterranean, and Nutravit diets, among others. The drops also work for people with Body Mass Index (BMI) above 30 who may be placed on a 500, 800, or 1200-calorie diet.


Your body is a complex machine; it uses fat and glucose to create proteins that fuel your muscles, neurons, and brain. The whole system’s pacing (aka how fast or slow all this is happening) is directed by your BMR or your Basal Metabolic Rate. When it deems necessary, it produces glucose that makes you feel hungry so that your body is aware that it should eat again. BUT there are three problems, mainly due to our modern way of living.

We’re not hunting wild animals anymore, we’re sitting at desks. In front of computers, our bodies often get confused, dial down the engines (our metabolic rate), and tend to store more fat than they actually need.

Feelings such as anxiety, stress, and tension can cause brain reactions that trick our bodies to produce glucose and think they need to eat. This usually leads to mindless snacking and consuming comfort foods loaded with sugars and carbohydrates that are temporary mood uplifting – and we then pay the price for both our health and our scales.

Most of us try to lose the extra kilos by combining workouts and dieting. However, that’s exactly why our body begins to worry that we will starve and exhaust it, so what does it do? It begins to give us signals to stop (loss of energy, exhaustion, fatigue) while also slowing further down our metabolism and storing even more fat to protect us.


Once we figured out the problems, we worked on the solutions to come up with a professional-grade formula that can aid you in solving them and support you and your body to let go of the additional burden – literally and metaphorically speakin’!

The Problem; Metabolism rate is slow.

Nutravit’s Solution: synergetic blend of 19 herbs and extracts, including Garcinia Cambogia, Panax Ginseng extract, and Capsicum Annum Extract, that gives your organism the green light to kickstart the metabolic train, and fire up those fat-burning, protein-hungry cells. Once this process begins, you’re already halfway there to your Ultimate Goal Weight!

The Problem; Constant snacking to relieve bodily and mental hunger pangs.

Nutravit’s Solution: Nutravit drops are mainly and primary a hunger suppressing supplement. In other words, when you take them before your meals they make your stomach feel full and thus limit over-consumption and caloric indulgences.

The Problem; Feelings of fatigue and tiredness due to low-calorie diets and exercise.

Nutravit’s Solution: Though you do need to follow a low-calorie diet of your choice, whether that is Atkins, Raw Food, Keto diet, any 500/800/1200-calories diet, or our specially designed and suggested Nutravit diet meal plan, you are not required to exercise during losing weight with our drops.