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  • The best diet drops on the market in 2022.
  • It helps to burn your body fat in a safe way.
  • Lose 1 to 2 pounds in a day, and 14 pounds a week easily, without missing work or your daily activities.
  • Lose weight healthily without being emaciated, experiencing headaches, or severe hunger pangs.
  • This diet drops and protocol give you a two-pronged approach for weight loss. You can enjoy a high rate of metabolism thus faster fat burning on the one hand
  • Using Nutravit Diet Drops,  you enjoy more energy to work out and do your daily work. Your body sustains an even fat burn throughout the day. You enjoy a higher basal metabolic rate to continue burning fat even when resting.

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Nutravit diet drops contain a wide range of ingredients for supporting weight loss management. It is made mainly from natural-based ingredients. This makes it to likely result in fewer side effects because the ingredients are mainly natural. They have also known ingredients in the weight loss space but are formulated in convenient liquid drops format. They have been combined together for their synergistic benefits. The ingredients include extracts from Eleuthero, Garcinia, Rhodiola Rosea, Gymnema Sylvestre leaf, Coleus forskohlii root, Fucoxanthin, and Raspberry ketone, Grapefruit, Grape seed, Panax Ginseng, African Mango, Green Tea. Amino acids have also been added to the formulation. These have been formulated in the product to suppress appetite, curb sugar cravings, increase fatty acid oxidation, increase metabolism, and inhibit carbohydrate usage as an energy source. This is intended to help in the weight loss program as part of the usual 500, 800, or 1200 calorie weight loss management program. I have tried the product and the results look promising in achieving weight loss goals. Elisha, Food Scientist.

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28 reviews for Shop – Nutravit 2 Bottle + 1 Free Bottle

  1. Cheyanne

    I lost 23 pounds in 21 days
    This is not a weight loss product. It is a life changer! I have regained my self-esteem, which I had lost so many years ago. Can’t believe my waist is 33 inches now, down from 38! Thi is amazing. I have my life back.

  2. Coleman Copeland

    I took minimal calories and did not feel hungry
    At first, I was apprehensive about taking very low calories because I thought I would feel too hungry. However, the Nutravit Diet Drops helped to make me feel fuller and they kept the hunger pangs away. I would do this again and again.

  3. Campbell

    It helped me to beat my hunger pangs!
    I almost passed this product. It does not have the HCG hormone, so I failed to see how it would help. However, having struggled with weight from teenage to my early 40s, the promise of taking a low calorie diet (500 calories a day) without suffering captured my attention. I am so glad I tried it because by the time I was entering the fourth phase, I had lost all the weight I needed to lose, as my nutritionist had advised me.

  4. Ariel Alexander

    10 days in, 10 pounds down!
    I have been using this product and working with the Nutravit diet plan to the letter. I finished ten days yesterday and I have already lost 10 pounds. I am so excited about finishing the 21 days and seeing how it will change my body. Time to bring my sexy back!

  5. Averie Heath

    It helped me beat obesity
    I come from a family with weight problems, you know like obesity literally runs in our family. Therefore, when I came across the Nutravit diet drops and diet plan, I was afraid to try it because I had tried many fad diets before. However, I was intrigued because of the usage instructions, especially the first two days of binge eating. Boy! Did I eat! Looking back now, I think this stage is very important because it packs your body with enough calories to see you through the 21 days of low calorie intake. By the end of my 21 days of low calorie intake, I had lost 26 pounds. After seeing my success, my brother wants to start as soon as he gets off some meds he is taking.

  6. Hayden

    Can’t believe it! 22 pounds of weight gone
    In 21 days of using the low calorie diet, I lost 22 pounds! The first three days were tough on me, but I got used to it soon enough. I regret why I took too long to discover these diet drops and weight loss diet.

  7. Freddy Johnson

    This diet has become my new lifestyle
    After losing close to 20KG, I am sure I will be keeping up with the recommended eating style after the maintenance phase. According to my doctor, I was on the verge of developing diabetes so he proposed I go on a serious weight loss regime. So happy with my new found energy, strength, mental clarity and happiness.

  8. Bailey Moyer

    How I ensured my social life did not suffer
    If you are taking the Nutravit diet program and you are afraid your social life is going to suffer, perhaps you can try my trick. First, I informed all of my friends (whom we call on each other often) that I am on a very strict diet program. I told them I can only eat what I cook. Besides, before calling on them, I take huge amounts of the recommended teas, or water so I don’t feel too hungry. I have been so good at this and lost so much weight that three of my weighty friends have decided to start it.

  9. Laura

    My beach body is back!
    Instead of feeling elated with the onset of summer, I would feel anxious and apprehensive about the beach and swimming, because it meant getting out of my clothes! The stretch marks on my thighs and stomach, the flabby upper arms and my love handles were getting me too many stares. When my friend who is a doctor recommended going on a strict low calorie diet and detox program, I agreed and started hunting around for the best one. I am so glad I found the Nutravit diet because for the first time in years, I will be flaunting what momma gave me at the beach and I won’t worry about unapproving stares.

  10. Conrad Tran

    How I went three sizes down on my clothes
    I can’t believe how for almost 15 years I would head to the plus size section in the clothing stores. Not any more! This diet program works, people. I have lost 25CM around the belly and 14.3KG of weight!

  11. Layton Howell

    My struggle with weight and how I almost died
    Weight almost killed me early one morning when I was going up the stairs. Suddenly I was gasping, fighting for every breath I took, feeling as if my chest was bursting. That’s when I decided enough with blaming the genes and getting down to some serious work. I joined a gym and a nutritionist put me on a serious diet. For 10 months, I lost 6KG only. I almost slipped into depression because the gym did not seem to be meeting my expectations. When I was browsing the web looking for weight loss programs that really work, I came across the Nutravit Diet Program. They had a lot of information about how it works, why their diet drops are helpful and I was so impressed by the testimonials from people who had used it. Deciding I had nothing to lose, I started on it and one week down, I had lost 3KG, half of what the gym took off me in 10 months! That Sunday, I almost rewarded myself with fries and chicken but then I fought the temptation. Now done with the diet program and living the good life of clean eating, drinking copious amounts of water, walking and swimming almost daily, the last time I was this happy was when I got my driving license at 17 and drove the first time on my own.

  12. Teresa

    My old clothes were literally slipping off in the third week!
    No other feeling can beat what a person who has been struggling with weight feels when they suddenly find the need to buy smaller clothes. That’s how I found myself with tears in my eyes as I went to the store to order new underwear, like 4 sizes smaller! The older granny pants were sliding off my butt and down my legs. True story! This diet plan is a lifesaver.

  13. Livia Molina

    Pain and Gain
    When I entered day two of this low calorie diet program, I felt so weak and hungry and that’s how this movie Pain and Gain starring the awesome Dwayne Johnson came to mind. I guess that’s where I got the motivation to see this program through. I am not known for making steadfast decisions but I am so glad I suffered through this one. I lost all of 12.8 KG in the three weeks and 1.1KG in the maintenance phase.

  14. Paola Cox

    She said I am back to the young man she married 37 years ago
    One morning in the third week of phase two, my wife said I was fast becoming the young man she married 37 years ago. Well, she shoots from the hip this one, so I did not know whether to take that as a compliment or as a reprimand for the fat man I had become aboud a decade ago. Anyway, she’s happy and I am happier. Had to sacrifice my steak and mashed potatoes though, but it was more than worth it.

  15. Makena Hamilton

    Better sex life right now
    Even though my wife is too polite to complain, I knew I was not doing any justice to our “me” time under the sheets. I had grown so fat and tired and my libido was on the rocks. However, when I did the 21 days of this diet program, I started enjoying a great feeling of general wellness, strength and energy. Now, my bang bang game is topping the charts!

  16. Phoebe

    I beat the belly weight with this HCG diet program
    I had read somewhere that belly weight is the hardest to lose yet the one that most affects the internal organs. I was desperate to lose it! When I entered the three weeks of strict calorie regime, I started recording weight drops every morning on the weighing scales. I got so excited that I would even measure my weight in the evening. This has been the most amazing journey for my 53-year old self. I have also overhauled my fridge and pantry – no more unhealthy foods in my diet! I intend to go to the gym now to tighten my flabby belly skin.

  17. Andreas Wiley

    It gets easier with a partner
    I would say get a partner or do this weight loss thing with your spouse. Two are better than one and you will definitely need the motivation and the encouragement. I did it with my husband and now in the maintenance phase, he can’t thank me enough for getting him into it. We look amazingly good, and young.

  18. Reilly Dillon

    I thought it was too good to be true until I tried it
    When Jeremy, my childhood friend, told me about this diet program he was embarking on, I was so scared for him when I heard that he would have to reduce his caloric intake to 500 a day. However, I learned that the Nutravit Diet Drops would help my body get the nutrients that it would otherwise get from food and my skepticism dropped a bit. All the same, I would only get the courage to join the bandwagon after Jeremy had done a month and I saw how much weight he had lost. Right now, I am about to enter my third week and I have lost an incredible 14.5 pounds already. I must admit the first week was really hard for me as fatigue and lack of energy attacked me harshly. However, the second week has been a bliss and from what Jeremy tells me, the third week and the remaining phases are the easiest.

  19. Lilyana Haley

    How this diet program turned my life around
    I packed so much weight after having my third baby, started feeling too tired and irritable for no reason and my self-esteem took a serious dive. Deciding to take control of my life, I dived deep into researching the best diet plans and that is how I came to know about the Nutravit Diet drops and plan. When I started, I followed everything to the letter and up to phase three, my husband was doing all the cooking because I was avoiding falling into temptation to taste anything not allowed in the diet plan. I lost 11kg in the first three weeks and when I entered the maintenance phase, I lost a further 1.9kg. I recommended it to my friend Marjorie and she has now done it for two weeks.

  20. Tony Koch

    The working plan
    Hey, my name is Tony. I am here to tell anyone who cares to read this that these diet drops and diet plan work. When I started on this diet, I was in low spirits because I had tried to lose weight without success for a long time. I am at my happiest right now.

  21. Janiya Koch

    I had to see to believe
    I am the seeing-is-believing kind of guy. Therefore, when my friend told me about this wonderful weight program she was starting, I waved her away. I told her I would get on it if she could show me the results. Three weeks later, I could not believe my eyes. Her older hanging belly was almost gone! That is when I joined the program. I wish I had joined earlier because within the first week, I had lost 5 pounds. Second week, I lost an additional 8 pounds and in the third week, I lost 8 pounds again. Cumulatively, I lost 21 pounds in three weeks! My nutritionist had told me I needed to lose about 45 pounds. So I did phase two for another 21 days until I managed to lose 41 pounds. I have decided to keep to the clean eating habits of phase four for the rest of my life. I might be a Johnny come late, but I feel I am now where I thought I would never get, at a great place.

  22. Alisha Molina

    I found the strength to work out more
    After losing 8kg from this diet, I no longer feel lethargic and fatigued as I used to all the time. Surprising, I have found the strength to work out more and harder. I can do tens of miles on the treadmill. My body is all toned up.

  23. Karma Huang

    I don’t look pregnant anymore!
    Before I lost weight, I had become so big around the belly region that people had begun mistaking it for pregnancy. But not any more! Now, I have lost close to ten inches from the belly. I feel spritely, youthful and very healthy. It looks like my 60s will be a lot of fun!

  24. Ellie

    I am saving more money on food
    It seems insignificant but I now save more money since I hardly eat out or spend my money on sweet stuff. I have realized just how much I used to spend unnecessarily on my addiction to starch and sugar. I have realized this diet protocol is an effective detox.

  25. Chanel Clay

    I now appreciate and respect food more
    Since I started on this weight loss protocol, I have come to realize that food is not the problem. The problem is our gluttony and sweet tooth. This plan has purged my urge for candy, junk food and other unhealthy foods. Now, I understand food more, I control my eating habits and I stop as soon as I start to feel full or as soon as my hunger is gone. Before I started this diet, I used to heap my plate with massive amounts of food. Now, I eat to live! I don’t live to eat.

  26. Darien

    My social life suffered but I got my health back
    Believe me, no one is going to want to hang out with you if you are eating so strictly. In the entire time I was on this detox program and diet, I could not go out since I could not eat out, could not take any drinks apart from the recommended teas and water. What I lost in social life, I got back in my health because I am now a lean 65KG from 83KG.

  27. Shayna Fowler

    Here is a plan that really helps you lose weight
    Having been a victim of fad diets and senseless weight loss plans before, I can say I have found something that works! The day you step on that scale and you notice a downward trend on your weight numbers, you will never look back.

  28. George

    I intend to enjoy my 50s!
    5 months to my 50th birthday, I decided I was not going to haul all that weight around. I embarked on this weight loss journey and I am so glad I did. Today, I am 50 pounds lighter, packs more muscle and many people who knew the older, fatty me can’t believe I did not swallow some pills or something! This diet protocol works!

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